2017-11-19 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Colab, Zurich

We are organizing free educational events aimed at making the ICT scene diverse. 

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Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/gskx6vkOkbxS8ZRS2
Application deadline: 05.11.
Decision emails: 06.11.

We invite 20 bright and motivated newbies who are interested in digital tinkering and programming. We will provide you with a working space, a beginner’s robotics set, onsite mentors and a community sharing your interests, with whom you can work together to solve encountered challenges. In the course of the workshop, you will spend a rewarding weekend afternoon building and programming your first robot.

Thanks to our sponsors, ifolor and Mime Industries UK, each participant will get a Mirobot to take home.

The program:

1. A brief introduction to the workshop and the resources.
2. Assembly and configuration.
3. Quick overview of the UI, Python and Javascript.
4. Programming in the language of your choice (Python, JavaScript, or drag-and-drop).
5. Quick guide on how to update/change the firmware running on the Arduino.
6. Packing your robot and taking it home to continue hacking around 🙂 .

Who can apply?

Anyone interested in robotics and learning how to code. We particularly encourage women to participate in this workshop.

Do I need to know how to program?

No! To control your robot, you will be able to use many apps, including a drag-and-drop Mirobot UI. But we will encourage you to learn how to program in the course of the workshop. We will give you a quick intro to Python and JavaScript, and provide you with online tutorials to continue with the language of your choice. The ratio of 1:4 between mentors and mentees ensures that you will make the most of your learning time.

What if I already know how to program in JavaScript or Python?

That’s great. Take this as an opportunity to learn something about robotics, or learn the other programming language that you are not so familiar with. Or, alternatively, if you are really pro, work with the Arduino IDE and play with the firmware (on your own risk :). But let us know in the latter case because we will need to get you an extra cable.

What should I bring?

Two things: your laptop (including a charger) and lunch. We will take care of the rest!

Mirobot can be used to draw simple shapes and is controlled through your web browser. It has a couple of simple touch switches built in to detect collisions, contains add-on which will enable it to follow lines, and can make simple sounds too. It’s all based on the Arduino (an easy to use electronics board) so if you have a hankering to add some extra capabilities, you can. 


Women++ is a Swiss non-profit association which strives to increase diversity in tech. We offer programming and career-related trainings, support women in expanding their professional network, and foster collaborations, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We work together with Impact Hub Zurich in a collaborative, friendly and effective way to generate the highest impact.