GEW Switzerland: November 16 - 22, 2020

Let yourself be inspired !

Raising more awareness for entrepreneurship is the main goal of GEW Switzerland which takes place for the 10th time. It is inspired by Global Entrepreneurship Week, a global and annual initiative each November, dedicated to entrepreneurship, ecosystems, networking and matchmaking. More than 80 local events, workshops and conférences were held nationwide 2019. The campaign is initiated by and supported by Innosuisse. Key partner is the University of Lausanne (Unil).

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16th of November | 8 - 18 h

Global Entrepreneurship Week UNIL

HEC Espace Entreprise Unil-Internef CH-1015 Lausanne
L'entrepreneuriat démystifié: conférences, workshops ou événements networking pour les étudiants de l'UNIL et de l'EPFL

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16th of November | 8 – 22 h

Liberez-vos Idees (UNIGE)

Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg
50 events in during one week in order to discover entrepreneurship

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GEW Switzerland 2020: Let yourself be inspired!

Raising awareness is the main goal of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, which will take place from 16 to 22 November.…

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GEW 2019 Switzerland: Raising more Awareness for Entrepreneurship

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BioBusiness Comprehensive Advanced Program in Lugano

Over 20 startup founders (2 from „Harvard“) participated at the Comprehensive Advanced Program on BioEntrepreneurship…

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“We are looking forward to GEW Switzerland 2020. This is a very special year: entrepreneurs and innovators need extra support to manage the challenges related to the Corona pandemic. GEW provides them with a platform to inform and inspire, helping them to solve their problems and grow their start-ups”

James Miners, Senior Advisor Fongit

“Switzerland needs to raise more awareness for entrepreneurship. To draw the attention of the public to how important entrepreneurial people and start-ups are for the economy and prosperity, is exactly what we have been actively pursuing with the Global Entrepreneurship Week since 2012.

Rene Hausammann, Chairman of